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Crossroads for Women . . . a new direction for women on the streets

Crossroads for Women is a non-profit organization that empowers New Mexico women to achieve successful reentry, sustainable recovery, and secure futures as they break the cycle of homelessness and incarceration.




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Need Help?

Women Served by Crossroads for Women

The women at Crossroads for Women are homeless and suffering from mental illness and substance addictions.  They are survivors of childhood sexual and physical abuse and are frequent victims of domestic violence and recurring trauma on the streets.  Most come from an impoverished, abusive, and substance using family background and have not learned the life skills needed for community living.

Crossroads has developed comprehensive programs to meet needs that other organizations cannot.  The supportive housing programs of The Crossroads and Maya’s Place provide therapeutic services that address past trauma and tailor intensive case management, and educational, vocational, and parenting support plans to the specific needs of each woman.

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Volunteers We Need You!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a part of Crossroads for Women. We are a small nonprofit organization with BIG dreams and goals – which we cannot achieve without help.  Our specialized, therapeutic community is managed by expert staff and strengthened by organizational partners, individual donors and dedicated volunteers.

Your role here is important. From our inception and continuing today, we have counted on the support of individuals such as yourself who generously donate their time and skills to helping us help the women and children who access our services.


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